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Amazon contemplates competing with Netflix

Netflix was once one of the highest-flying internet media companies around.

That all changed in 2012 when its CEO, Reed Hastings, decided that the days of requesting DVDs by mail were numbered.

The future of his business was streaming. To push consumers into the future, Hastings had to break ‘DVDs by mail’ and ‘streaming’ into two separate services, each requiring a different subscription.

Five easy freemium tricks Hulu can use to make more money

Hulu made its name by turning a seemingly bad business idea into a widely popular website. Before the site launched, techies dubbed the television network focused web venture “Clown Co.” And for the past two years, Hulu has impressed many with the quality of its content and viewing experience.

But as advertising revenues have dropped and his other properties flounder, Rupert Murdoch has been dropping hints that the company will soon charge for access.

News Corp. Deputy Chairman Chase Carey laid it on the line this week, saying that Hulu will begin charging for content in 2010. Putting Hulu’s video collection behind a paywall has the potential to choke off its viewership and tank a thriving business. That said, the potential to charge a subscription fee is clearer getting News Corp. hot and bothered. So here are a few ideas that Hulu could use when it starts charging for content next year.

Finding the right subscription model at the NYT

By all appearances, the question isn’t whether the New York Times will revisit paid subscriptions. The question is what those subscriptions will look like.

Last week, Gawker published documents purporting to detail two possible online subscription packages the newspaper company is mulling over, New York Times Silver and Gold.

Grey hat SEO: making your subscriber-only content visible to Google

Like so many others, you’ve decided to revisit your business model and paid content looks awfully good at the moment. Running an online subscription service can be very rewarding, but it’s tough.

One of the challenges posed by a paywall is the paywall’s impact on SEO. Since content is restricted to subscribers, Google can’t spider your content. What can you do about this?

An anti-ad network for paid content?

Paid content, which many online publishers left for dead when advertisers were throwing money at anybody breathing, is back in fashion.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Big publishers, such as the New York Times, are revisiting the model. And ‘content entrepreneurs’ who less than a year ago touted ‘free‘ are now singing ‘fee‘.