Real-time marketing: just a fad?

The Super Bowl, despite being centered on a sport very few nations even care about, still represents a significant milestone many marketer’s calendars.

The sheer effort and attention means that whether you market to Americans or not, it is still a marketing spectacle that deserves attention.

Each year also heralds in a new shift in how the world’s leading brands are selling themselves, often trailblazing a global legacy in the way modern advertising is conducted.

Five things H&M learned from advertising during the SuperBowl

On the second day of the annual conference, Steve Lubomski, of H&M, presented two key case studies of their marketing efforts in the first half of 2012. The biggest was, of course, their SuperBowl campaign with David Beckham at the helm.

As half of the SuperBowl audience is women and not a lot of people cater to them, they took a chance with their first SuperBowl ad that lead them to garner almost 2 billion impressions in a month.