Five questions about Foursquare and its new Swarm app

If you didn’t know, Foursquare is breaking up, but in a constructive way.

It’s not you, it’s them, but don’t worry, the whole thing is amicable. The company is splitting its app in two for the better, sort of like those couples that sleep in separate beds, only converging for sex, and so getting more sleep and clarity in the process.

This follows somewhat of a trend for unbundling or simply creating discrete products or tools, much as apps were first envisaged.

The trend can be seen chiefly at Facebook, with its Messenger and Paper, and perhaps Twitter’s Vine. Obviously, Google is the epitome of a multipronged company, with a list of products shorter only than those discarded.

Foursquare has become Swarm and Foursquare. Swarm is a tool for social heatmapping, where all checking-in and socialising will occur, and was launched at the beginning on May 2014. Foursquare will be relaunched as what the company quietly refers to as a ‘Yelp killer’, a tool for local search and discovery.

Here are a few questions I have asked and in some cases attempted to answer.