Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty shows how to build a brand around a social community

Sports and fitness are innately social activities, so health brands have reaped huge rewards from the rise of social media.

Two great examples of this can be found in the massive popularity of Tough Mudder and Cross Fit, which emphasise team building and camaraderie alongside physical exercise.

Another business built around a fitness community is Sweaty Betty. It sells sports gear for women online and in more than 30 stores across the UK.

These boutiques offer a drastically different shopping experience to the giant soulless warehouses from the likes of Sports Direct. In fact Sweaty Betty even hosts regular yoga classes and other fitness events.

With so much emphasis on building a community, I thought it would be useful to take a closer look at some of Sweaty Betty’s social activity.

Read on for a whirlwind tour of its various social profiles, or for more on this topic read our post on how Nike uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.