In the mobile OS space, bigger doesn’t mean better

Apple may appear to be on top of the mobile world thanks to the iPhone
and iPad. But according to analysts at Gartner, Apple iOS market share
will peak at 17.1% in 2011 and drop to 14.9% by 2014.

At the same time, Android, which had just under 4% of
the mobile OS market in 2009, will rise significantly this year to become the
leading mobile operating system in North America. By 2014, Gartner
believes Android will be just about neck and neck globally with Nokia’s
Symbian OS. Combined, Android and Symbian will have control of
approximately 60% of the mobile OS market in 2014, leaving Apple and iOS
in the dust.

Mobile advertising: Symbian outperforms iPhone

A new study of mobile advertising shows that there is more to mobile advertising than the iPhone, as it was outperformed by both Symbian and  feature phones in terms of click through rates. 

The survey comes from mobile advertising firm Smaato, which has looked at mobile click through rates worldwide, based on the 6bn ad requests served through its network in April. 

Adobe looks to extend Flash dominance to the mobile

When it comes to the desktop, Flash Player is one of the more dominant plugins. Adobe claims it’s “the world’s most pervasive software platform…reaching 99.0% of Internet-enabled desktops“. There’s just one problem: internet-enabled mobiles are where much of the internet’s future growth is usage is expected to come from.

But Adobe is trying to make sure that Flash Player is as dominant on the mobile as it is on the desktop and is making lots of announcements about its Open Screen Project at the Adobe developer conference in Los Angeles today.