Twitter’s link logging will be a boon for businesses

Twitter is getting into analytics. Finally. This week, the microblogging service announced that it will be updating its URL shortener t.co to help alleviate malware problems and track link sharing on its service. 

By the end of the year, t.co links will be more secure, and provide more information to the people that share them. This is good news for marketers.

Twitter: your links will soon belong to us

As Twitter makes the transition from profitless startup to revenue-generating business, the massive number of links that are shared on its service on a daily basis represent valuable currency. Given this, Twitter naturally wants to exert more control of those links.

This summer, it will do just that when it finally rolls out its own link shortening service that wraps all links shared through Twitter.com and third party clients using the company’s t.co shortener.