ComScore tries to befriend small publishers, startups

When major advertisers and agencies are looking to buy media online,
they typically turn to companies like comScore and Nielsen for audience
measurement data. That makes these companies extremely important to

Unfortunately, smaller publishers and startups in most cases simply
can’t afford to jump in bed with the comScores and Nielsens of the
world. That has created opportunity for upstart competitors like
Quantcast and Compete, which are aiming to away at their positions in
the market.

The rise of interactive video and what it means for online marketing

Online video isn’t exactly the new kid on the block amongst those the digital industry, but it is maturing into a meaner, tougher kind of service. It is also the one area of display advertising that I’m expecting to flourish over the next twelve months or so, especially in the interactive segment. 

It’s no surprise that video in general is on the increase, given that users are continually wanting an engaging experience. According to comScore’s US video metrics, 14.5bn online videos were watched during March this year – a massive 11% increase from February – and I’m equally of the opinion that this trend will be very similar in the UK. 

How can Twitter dig itself out of hashtag hell?

Twitter’s trending topics have been gamed to death, judging by the lack of breaking news displayed. This, pretty much, is the view of TechCrunch writer Robin Wauters, and he’s not wrong.

What used to be a valuable way of seeing what’s new in the world, and often before it is covered by the mainstream media, is now a mess of lame hashtags.

Robin says: 

I can’t help but think it’s a pity that that list is starting to turn into the top 10 of chain letters people used to circulate through e-mail messages in the late nineties.

“Fine with me if people want to share what they consider to be lies that boys tell, or which 3 words should follow after sex, or what their moms used to tell them when they were little, but as I said before I think it’s a shame considering how powerful that trending feature and how valuable that list could be instead.”

So what can Twitter do about it? Well, there are various methods that can be employed to help fix this up, improving the Twitter experience in the process?

£385m wasted on duplicate payments to affiliates – survey

Advertisers could be wasting £385m a year by failing to de-duplicate across different digital marketing channnels and paying more than once for the same sale.

According to a survey into the issue of de-duplication by TagMan, more than 40% of
50 companies in the digital sector said between 11% and 20% of
commissions were duplicate payments.