Animation and games industries to get tax breaks in UK

As part of his budget speech last night, George Osborne unveiled a film industry-style tax break that will help to encourage creative development in the animation and games industries.

Aardman Animations was highlighted as an example of British excellence – and Osborne said that the Government intends to keep ‘Wallace and Gromit’ exactly where they are. 

Is the US affiliate apocalypse upon us?

If you’re an affiliate in the United States, there’s a good chance you’re not sleeping very well these days.

States continue to wage war against major online retailers, leaving some affiliates cut off from the affiliate programs that they depend on for income. And new battles look set to break out in some of the largest, most important states.

Is Google’s tax strategy ‘evil’?

If you run a company in many parts of the world, one of your biggest concerns is not where you’re going to find customers or how you’re going to close sales. It’s how you’re going to grow your business given the tax burdens you face.

That’s because, in many parts of the world, including in some of the most important consumer and business markets, corporate tax rates are pretty darn high.