Six ways brands can relate to Generation Z

Today’s teens live and breathe social media, they are constantly connected, use multiple devices and often create content as much as consume it.

They also relate to social media, news and content differently to the more familiar Gen Y market. 

Brands that want to reach the Gen Z audience need to change the way they communicate, it’s still a conversation, but it’s also about understanding teenagers, and respecting their opinion and their privacy, their creativity and their need to share.

Q&A: DoSomething’s Aria Finger on the youth market

Do Something COO Aria FingerAs
chief operating officer of DoSomething.org, Aria Finger is tuned in to what it
takes to get the attention of young people.

We talked with her recently about
how the organization approaches its partnerships with brands and how it uses an
integrated online and offline marketing strategy to inspire volunteerism.