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Q&A: Brian Solis on marketing convergence and the “human API” #IMW13

In this Q&A, Brian gives us a preview of what to expect for his Integrated Marketing Week keynote, as well as insights into his writing/publishing process and where the future of marketing is headed.

Very few names carry global cache across a multitude of segments in digital and their overall digital transformation of business.

Our own CEO Ashley Friedlein and his latest work with the Modern Marketing Manifesto has worked tirelessly over the last decade to fit this mould.

Another pioneer, who recognized the significance of social and multi-channel convergence from the earliest stages is Brian Solis, Principal at Altimeter Group.   

In the below Q&A, Brian and I chat about what to expect around his presentation, how data analytics and good design impacted the writing and delivery of his latest book: What’s The Future of Business, and the latest trends in convergence and multichannel marketing.