TheCHIVE and Philips: why mobile and video works

Video is the best marketing tool for inspiring trust and the smartphone is the device to achieve intimacy with the consumer.

Finally, social is the environment in which brands encounter the consumer.

These were the assertions of Russell Zack of Kaltura, speaking at a recent IAB event on digital transformation.

Here are some more tidbits from his presentation including two examples of brands that are doing video and mobile well right now.

A girl, a white board and a great marketing hoax

Everyone loves a dramatic resignation story. That seems to be the lesson of the week, as Jet Blue flight attendant Steve Slater’s story of aggressively quitting his job  made him into a folk hero and one girl who quit her job with a white board became an internet sensation. 

But one of those stories didn’t really happen. Jenny the “DryErase Board Girl” is actually a professional actress hired by a humor site to increase traffic. Which worked. It’s amazing what a little internet knowledge can do.