Back to the future: how email is helping build profitable internet startups

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, one might think that social
media is a far more important to startup success than, say, email. But
a new generation of startups, many of which are lean and achieve
profitability early on, are proving that email can be a powerful
contributor to success.

In a blog post entitled “Email Newsletters Are Still A Serious
“, startup entrepreneur Jason L. Baptiste details how email is
an important ingredient for an impressive group of upstarts, including
Groupon, the group buying site that investors have valued at more than
$1bn, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), which was recently purchased for a rumored
eight-figure sum and Thrillist, which is reportedly on pace to do more than $10m
in revenue this year.

Southern Comfort goes all in on web advertising

What difference do relaxed advertising policies online offer for liquor brands? A lot. Online, alcohol companies can attach themselves to content and audiences that have been elusive in traditional spaces. And for a company like Southern Comfort, that means getting rid of traditional ad spend entirely.

Relaxed search policies and new ad formats are helping liquor brands move beyond display advertising online. And it also helps that spending online is proving to be a cost cutting method.