Tiffany & Co.

WeChat: the difference between Subscription and Service brand accounts

While researching a previous article on how Western brands are using Chinese messaging app WeChat I was made aware of the fact that there are several different account options open to marketers.

As this was news to me I thought it might also be news to some of our readers, hence the reason for this post.

Brands striking out on WeChat for the first time have the choice of two account options – service accounts and subscription accounts.

Here’s a quick look at the difference between the two…

How small businesses can make the most of Facebook

As a small business owner you’re in a great position to start exploiting social media for all its worth, adding much sought after personalisation and relevance at an integral stage of your development.

Although social media can be a fairly time consuming practice depending on how many platforms you choose to use, it’s also the key way for a small business to develop awareness, raise its profile, gauge its market and interact with existing and future customers. 

As the UK is celebrating its first Small Business Saturday on December 7 2013, here is the second in a series of posts that takes a look at each individual social media platform in turn (last week we looked at Pinterest for small businesses) and highlights how you can achieve the best from each one. 

This week: Facebook.

How Tiffany & Co. uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Last week we reported that Tiffany managed to achieve the highest engagement score on Facebook among the top retailers in the US.

On average it racks up almost 30,000 interactions per post, some 10,000 more than Victoria’s Secret in second place.

To find out whether it is equally popular across other social networks, here’s a look at how Tiffany & Co. uses Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

This follows on from similar posts focusing on brands such as H&M, Nike, Ikea, Coca-Cola and Starbucks

Tiffany & Co. achieves highest Facebook engagement among top 50 US retailers: report

Tiffany & Co. achieved the highest engagement score on Facebook among the top 50 US retail brands in the first half of this year, according to a new report from Expion.

The research ranked the 50 retailers according to how engaging their Facebook posts were between January 1 and June 30, with engagement rated as the number of fan actions per post.

As mentioned, Tiffany & Co. proved to be the most successful brand by scoring a massive 28,741 interactions on each post. It achieved this by posting one high quality update per day.

On the flip side, although Walmart clocked up a higher total number of interactions it posted as many as six updates per day so achieved an average engagement score of 11,461.