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Neuroscience-backed tips for effective iPad ads

neuromarketing brainIf you’re thinking about running an iPad campaign, new
stats from Universal McCann, Time, Inc. and EmSense – a neuromarketing
company – offer insights into how to make your ads both effective and enjoyable.

The research focused on iPad owners’ reaction to and cognition of ads as determined by sensors that monitored their brainwaves.

Publishers want a “Hulu for magazines.” Will it work?

Due to the runaway popularity of Hulu, many different publishers are hoping to tap into a similar model for sharing their content online. The latest proposal is a “Hulu for magazines” idea lobbied by Time Inc. The new service would bundle magazine content from various publishers into a storefront that can deliver content to various devices.

Here’s a problem with that. Hulu doesn’t make money right now. And plans to resuscitate the magazine industry by following its business model may be, well, a little premature. 

Lost magazine ad pages aren’t coming back

September is forecasted to be a depressing month for magazines this year. Ad pages are down significantly for that month, which is usually the most profitable issue for many magazines. But the economy isn’t the only reason numbers are down. Ad dollars are shifting elsewhere and they aren’t likely to come back any time soon.

Magazine ad revenue is down 21.2% in the first half of 2009,
according to the Publishers Information Bureau, and ad pages at publishers like Conde Nast, Time Inc. and Hearst titles
were down at many publications in September by between 20% and 60%. Usually a rebound from the slow summer months, a slim September issue spells trouble for many publications.

releasing September ad numbers (fashion leader Vogue is down over 200
ad pages from September of last year) Conde Nas’t seniro VP Lou
Cona said that: “This is not about magazines, this is about the
recession. Given the media recession and the
overall economic recession, I think we are incredibly proud.”

But there are many factors indicating that magazines won’t be bouncing back when the economy recovers.