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Five brands that reaped rewards after adopting responsive design

Responsive design is often touted as the future of web design based on little more than a vague sense that it makes websites more user-friendly and looks very cool.

And I’ll admit that one of my favourite things about it is watching how the content shifts around when you resize your desktop browser.

But responsive design isn’t just there to entertain simple minds. Aside from the SEO benefits, case studies are starting emerge that prove the technology can also increase traffic, sales and conversions.

These five case studies from brands such as O’Neill and Time Magazine reveal the potential benefits from adopting responsive design.

TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year problem

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of the world’s largest social
network, and, on paper, one of the world’s richest people. His creation, started more
than seven years ago in a Harvard dorm room, has changed the face of the internet and impacted the
lives of millions of millions of people around the world.

For that, TIME Magazine’s editorial board decided that Zuckerberg should be 2010 Person of the Year.

In the iPad monetization race, subscribers may not get a break on price

These days, it seems like exciting new iPad apps are spilling out from everywhere. But one thing still hasn’t been resolved in the race to get new features into the App Store, and that’s how much people are willing to pay for all this stuff. At Tabula Rasa NYC, WeMedia‘s iPad conference this week, there were plenty of new apps and interesting specs on display. But pricing is still a thorn in the side of many developers — especially publishers.

And that’s because these shiny new apps are expensive — often more than the price of the same publication on the newsstand. And when Apple finally debuts a feature that will allow subscription content on the iPad, it looks like many publishers are going to make serious efforts to maintain high price points.