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Five fashion brands boosting traffic with Facebook apps

Pinterest’s rise from niche website to social powerhouse has been built largely on the back of fashion and lifestyle users.

And we’ve seen a few case studies recently that suggest Pinterest users are worth more to e-commerce sites than visitors from Twitter or Facebook.

Perhaps to reassert its authority as the number one social network, Facebook has released stats to show that its platform is just as popular with “shopaholics and fashionistas.”

A developer blog post by Austin Haugen flags up five examples of fashion brands that have increased traffic and mobile installs through the use of Open Graph apps.

The Guardian suffers as user numbers for Facebook’s social readers nosedive

If you’ve ever seen a presentation by a Facebook exec, you’ll know that they hold up The Guardian as the poster child for building an audience using a timeline app.

After launching its social reader last September The Guardian reported 4m installs in just two months, and in March it predicted that social traffic would soon become more important than search.

Then last month Facebook director of platform partnerships Christian Hernandez said that the app has 5.7m active monthly users and had been essential for allowing the newspaper to “close the viral loop”.

Facebook: brands need to use timeline apps to ‘close the viral loop’

Brands need to learn to “close the viral loop” to encourage users to share their content, according to Facebook director of platform partnerships Christian Hernandez.

Speaking at TNW 2012 in Amsterdam, Hernandez said that, in order to properly make use of Facebook’s 500m daily users, brands must make sharing content easier.

And the way to do this is to build apps for Facebook timelines.