Twitter unveils new timeline feature: what you need to know

In an effort to improve the user experience, Twitter has unveiled a new timeline feature that will display tweets out of chronological order.

The aim is that users will avoid missing out on important updates from people they follow.

The feature, which launched Wednesday, is currently optional, but Twitter plans to roll it out as a default in the next few weeks.

15 years of Google: the potted history

I might not be the best qualified to write this article. I’m a young upstanding man of 28 years, so I was 13 when Google came along.

I haven’t known work, barely known play, and certainly haven’t known facial hair to exist without Google (some say I still don’t know about those things).

Google has done so much, not just ensured we never again have to climb up ladders in libraries, ask strangers for directions or call directory enquiries ever again. 

I’ve been exploring the Google timeline for nuggets of interest on Google’s 15th birthday

Has Facebook Timeline changed the way fans behave?

For the last week or so Facebook has been displaying ‘Reach’ figures on page posts. There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding around these so I thought I’d take a minute to clear things up, and delve into the realms of user behaviour a little at the same time. 

The Reach metric is being displayed because Facebook wants to promote its new Promoted Posts feature.

Promote your post and Facebook tells you that you can reach more of your fans (for a fee, natch). The jury is still out on how effective these promotions are, but I’d assume that they are at least as effective as Facebook ads, and are targeted to a slightly more relevant audience. 

Facebook Edgerank: what marketers need to know

It’s been nine months since I wrote the original Ultimate Guide to the Facebook Edgerank Algorithm. I was amazed to see the reaction to the piece.

It clearly seemed to strike a chord as it went on to be the most popular guest post on Econsultancy in 2012.

But a lot has changed since then in the world of Facebook. As I’m currently putting together a presentation for the upcoming Econsultancy Digital Shorts event in Manchester on Edgerank and other social algorithms, now seemed the perfect time to revisit the piece to update and expand it.

The Facebook timeline of social commerce: infographic

Today is the day that Facebook flicks the switch and forces brands to adopt its new Timeline layout.

For the past few months the social network has been in an odd state of limbo, with some brands sticking to the old format while others quick to try out the new features that Timeline provides.

Timeline places a heavy emphasis on images and engagement on the wall, and is a great way for brands with an illustrious history to show off their heritage.

10 excellent examples of Facebook Brand Timelines

Facebook’s new Timeline format doesn’t officially go live for brand pages until March 30th, but there’s always a few who can’t wait to try new things out. In fact, 8m have already made the switch. 

Timeline marks a fundamentally different approach to marketing on Facebook for many brands, with more emphasis on images and genuine engagement on the wall.

We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to help us highlight some of the best examples of cover photos, milestones, and general best practice we could find.

Facebook previews Timeline for brand pages

After several weeks of speculation, Facebook today unveiled admin previews of its Timeline for brand pages update. 

Speculators (including more than a few in the Econsultancy office) have seen the move as inevitable for some time. Here’s a quick run through of the changes, highlighting the most important points.