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Rupert Murdoch’s London Times goes behind a paywall in June

The New York Times announced plans to charge for web access to its content earlier this year, but it looks like Rupert Murdoch’s plan to “institute fair pricing for digital journalism” is going to beat Schulzberger to the punch. Today News Corp. announced that U.K. properties The Times and Sunday Times will go behind a paywall in June.

News Corp. has wisened to the fact that paid models need to offer added value. The Times’ paid sites will have extra features to get the audience “to be part of it.” The question is, will customers buy into it?

With a pay wall coming, The Times promotes the brand

With the death of the News Corporation title thelondonpaper last week, chatter about pay walls has increased. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has already said that most, if not all, News Corp. titles will have a pay wall in place soon enough.

In anticipation of that,  The Times has launched an ad campaign on the Tube that promotes what they see as their unique brand of news.