Tony Hsieh

Q&A: Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

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Think and you think not only of happy customers and happy employees, but also of an e-commerce site that’s the poster child of a successful web business.

The architect of all this happiness and success is CEO Tony Hsieh who, in the wake of Zappos recent acquisition by Amazon has penned a book about the rise of his company, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.

We caught up with Hsieh to find out how e-commerce has changed since he founded Zappos 11 years ago, and why companies should be fearless about social media and infusing their organizations with strong corporate values.

Jeff Bezos on the Zappos deal, and four other videos

I once had the pleasure of meeting Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, a man who is in some dictionaries the very definition of ‘Enthusiasm’ (with a capital E). He’s pretty hard not to like.

So last night when I heard that Amazon had very discreetly negotiated a deal to buy customer-centric Zappos I felt that it was a great fit for both companies. I also happen to think that Amazon has the better deal, with Zappos going for less than one year’s revenue (and about 95% of the $930m deal is to be paid in Amazon stock). But it’s obviously fantastic for Tony and the rest of the Zappos team. Congratulations all round.

At any rate, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has been explaining why he bought Zappos in a video, in which he also explains “everything he knows” in a series of flipchart ‘slides’. 

Bezos riffs on customer obsession, something that he says Amazon shares with Zappos, which he says has a “unique culture”. On Zappos: “I have a good feeling about how important that culture is to the Zappos brand, employees and customers.”

Anyway, here’s the video so you can see for yourself. I’ve added a few others for your viewing pleasure. Bezos FTW!

Z to A: gobbles up, an internet retailer that launched in 1999, survived the
.com bust and went on to become the number one online footwear seller,
has been purchased by in a mostly-stock deal worth over

Amazon plans to run Zappos as a wholly-owned subsidiary, with its new
acquisition maintaining its own branding and separate operations.

You have less than 200 minutes to become a Twitter VIP

Move over Dell. You’re not the only company looking to turn social media into a medium for loyalty marketing.

If you wear shoes (who doesn’t?) and want to be part of an exclusive club of VIP shoe buyers, you have less than 200 minutes to become a VIP., of course, is the online shoe retailer whose CEO, Tony Hsieh, has made extensive use of social media, namely through Twitter, where he has over 50,000 followers.