Digital dose: Interesting content is key

Each week with Digital Dose, we will be talking to top marketers their top tips for their peers.

Today, we highlight a tip from Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix, who details how you should focus on content that interests your customer rather than pushing sales. 

If there’s a new niceness online, don’t expect it to sell.

For those who haven’t noticed, rumors are swirling that the internet is becoming a warmer, fuzzier place. This idea is gaining traction among the mainstream media, where articles extolling “The New Niceness” can often be found.

Anyone who’s ever been involved in a flame war might find that hard to believe. And there are some corners of the internet that have not yet been enlightened on this new trend. As Chris Tolles, CEO of local news site Topix put it today at the BRITE conference in New York:

“Positive news doesn’t sell.”