Tracy Morgan

OMG, I C Tracy Morgan on Twitter!

In a world of increased celebrity interest and connectivity, it was only a matter of time until someone created a platform to track
the famous among us in real time.

OMGICU launched in April as a real time celebrity sighting service. In the months since its launch, OMGICU has been receiving and retwittering the comings and goings of celebrities in New York and Los Angeles. One popular sighting has been the actor Tracy Morgan. But Hugh Dornbush, president of OMGICU quickly realized that the amusing “30 Rock” star is not on Twitter. The actor, known for his public antics and odd wit, seems a natural for a service like Twitter. But Morgan hasn’t signed on.

So Dornbush made it OMGICU’s mission to get Tracy Morgan on Twitter. And if it helps OMGICU generate more users for its site, all the better.