Apple may face $2bn iPad lawsuit

The iPad may be one of Apple’s most important products. The dominant tablet device has been selling at an impressive rate, and that only looks to continue when Apple releases the iPad 3, something that could happen as early as March.

But there’s just one problem: according to a Chinese firm, Apple doesn’t own the ‘iPad’ trademark.

Tumblr’s trademark stupidity

The protections afforded by intellectual property law have immensely benefitted technology companies, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not sometimes problematic. From ridiculous patent lawsuits to reverse domain name hijacking, IP is often a means to questionable ends.

Unfortunately, when it comes to trademark, some companies are making abuse all too easy.

Google Go: was the name already taken?

Yesterday Google announced that it was releasing Go, a new open source programming language that’s designed to aid in rapid development while at the same time supporting the latest technologies, like multi-processor CPUs.

There’s only one problem: there’s apparently already a programming language named ‘Go‘.

Is Twitter preparing for a trademark crackdown?

As far as companies go, Twitter is pretty laid back. When it comes to legal issues, Twitter has been anything but aggressive.

The creators of popular applications like Twitteriffic and TweetDeck have never, to my knowledge, been threatened by Twitter over trademark abuse. Twitter even promotes them on its apps page.

Google loosens up on trademarks

Google announced yesterday that it is going to open up restrictions on
trademarked terms in its advertising. Now brands can mention
trademarked names in their advertising — both positively and

Google has been slowly easing standards on its advertising for months,
as companies have been bidding less on keyword search terms and the
economy has forced margins ever slimmer. Google’s decision on trademarks will increase its earnings potential on key words, and is already upsetting companies who fear for their trademarks.