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10 videos from the Traveling Geeks roundtables

A few weeks ago Econsultancy hosted the Traveling Geeks roundtables in London, where the US digerati turned out in force to discuss and debate trends and issues.

The Geeks – featuring the likes of Craig Newmark, Robert Scoble and Susan Bratton – found that there is far more in common between the UK and US than is sometimes suggested, albeit with some notable differences (“fear of failure”).

The UK-based attendees included Poke’s Iain Tate,’s Marko Balabanovic and Steph Gray from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

After the roundtable discussions had taken place we shot a little bit of video, where we interviewed a bunch of the attendees to figure out what they’d learned from the day. Do check them out…

Q&A: JD Lasica, Founder of

JD Lasica is the founder of, a social marketing consultancy, and, a learning hub for nonprofits. JD was an editor at a California newspaper before he became involved with digital media in the late 90s. He now speaks regularly about social media and user-generated media.

JD recently participated in the Traveling Geeks roundtables hosted by Econsultancy and I spoke with him about social media, the impact it’s having and the fate of mainstream media.

Traveling Geeks – the Econsultancy roundup

Last week we entertained the Traveling Geeks here in London on their week-long mission to share knowledge and ideas.

Our roundtables took place at The Globe theatre where we explored trends, challenges and common issues experienced by internet-focused companies on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Much is made of the physical and cultural gulf between Silicon Valley and everywhere else. Even in the US there is a marked difference between those tech companies that inhabit The Valley, and everyone else. So Europe, and specifically London, must be totally alien, right?