Facebook: 10 years to redefine 10 words

Facebook is 10. Every publisher on the internet is covering it because it’s important to all of us, even those that have drifted away from the platform recognise its astounding reach. 

At 1.2bn users (more than the global population of 1850) its audience dwarfs that of other social networks and its recent financial results bear that out with $2.59bn in revenue.

I wanted to look quickly at Facebook’s history but from a different angle than other blogs. Wordwise, I’m struck by how social media has enabled a seemingly constant and varied arpeggio of coinage.

The word of the year and new additions to the OED are spread faster than they ever were, via networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

So, I’m looking at 10 words that have been redefined by Facebook over 10 years. And to add some relevant content, I’ll include some trivia, too.

13 things I learnt about the interweb last year

Let me tell you, it’s more than just the excellent doge.

Last year I started writing for the Econsultancy blog and it’s allowed me to go to a lot of cool conferences and learn about some new things, from Google Glass to big automated email and CRM systems.

Here are some of the things that stuck in my mind from last year and perhaps a few things you might not know about digital and the interweb.

For regular followers of our interweb anti-format post (crazy stuff from across the web), don’t worry, it will return next week.