DataSift launches with access to Twitter’s full ‘firehose’

After 24 months of development, Tweetmeme CEO Nick Halstead has today unveiled DataSift, a platform from which to manage and filter large amounts of unstructured social data.

The second company to spin out of Halstead’s MediaSift parent group (Tweetmeme being the first), the company describes itself as a scalable solution for managing large volumes of social information from a variety of sources – as well as a ‘sophisticated resyndicator’ of real-time Twitter.

Q&A: Nick Halstead, CEO of Tweetmeme

Nick Halstead is the CEO of popular Tweetmeme, a popular service that aggregates links from Twitter, as well as providing retweet buttons for thousands of sites.

I’ve been talking to Nick about Tweetmeme, and the upcoming Tweetmeme Analytics service, which is due to be unveiled this week…