Amazon’s CTO highlights seven transformations cloud services will enable

Yesterday, we attended the Amazon Web Services Summit in New York where Dr Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon, gave the keynote speech highlighting how cloud services will transform how we do business. 

Though some critics think cloud services may have unforeseen challenges, Vogals somewhat salesy keynote also had representatives of companies using Amazon cloud services come to the stage to say why the cloud is enabling their businesses to do things they could never do before.

As these (and most) businesses are discovering, a data revolution is taking place. The amount of information we need to process, map and store is growing at exponential rates. So in comes cloud services. 

Twilio brings Voice APIs to the U.K.

APIs are a big part of the internet ecosystem today. From Facebook and Twitter to Google and Salesforce, if you name a prominent internet company today, chances are that it offers APIs to its customers and third party developers.

And for good reason: allowing others to create new products and services on top of yours can be a highly effective way to build value.

But while APIs are, for most companies, an add-on, a few companies are based almost entirely on their APIs. One of the most prominent that falls into that category is a company called Twilio, which offers APIs that allow its customers to build voice, VOIP and SMS applications.