Twitter Analytics

How to use historic data to predict marketing campaign outcomes

One of the best ways to determine what will happen in the future is to look at the past.

In today’s big data-driven world, we have the ability to access and use information on how customers are interacting with our websites and social media networks. 

But if we’re capturing this information without knowing how to use it, it’s of no use.

Twitter’s analytics update: good news for data-driven marketers

Those of you with a Twitter advertising account may have noticed that their analytics system has had an update this week, and I’ve already seen several posts talking about the impact this will have on social marketing.  

I thought it was worth checking out the changes and seeing if they will in fact lead to a social data revolution…


Six ways to use Twitter Analytics for better campaign planning

Twitter usage is high among businesses small and large, but did you know that the analytics now available from the platform has some great features that could help inform and drive your marketing planning for this channel?

In this post I’ll explain six different ways in which you can make use of these simple tools to improve social campaign planning.

Twitter Analytics is made up of a few different dashboards, each with a specific use:

  • Timeline activity: measures the activity of your tweets.
  • Followers: looks at the interests, locations, and demographics of your followers.
  • Twitter Cards: shows activity for each type of Twitter Card installed.
  • Websites: provides real-time information about traffic from Twitter to your domains.