Twitter Gate

‘Twitter Gate’ tool could ease alcohol brands’ age verification woes

Alcohol brands will soon be able to protect themselves from being seen to market to underage drinkers on Twitter using a new tool from social media management company Vitrue.

For the ‘Twitter Gate’ to work, brands simply have to make their Twitter feed private. Then, when a user then tries to follow them, they are sent a direct message with a link to an external site where they are asked to verify their date of birth.

Until now, there has no real way (other than putting something in the Twitter biography) from preventing underage users from interacting with drinks brands.

Twitter Gate lets companies screen their followers

On Twitter, common wisdom is that more is better, particularly when it comes to followers. After all, who doesn’t want more followers?

But what if, for instance, you’re an alcohol brand that wants or needs to restrict your marketing messages to consumers above a certain age? A site like Twitter, on which anyone can follow you unless you’ve made your account private, becomes a tricky platform on which to build an effective presence.