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Nine simple tips to help your business gain more Twitter followers

Nobody wants to tweet in a vacuum. We all want to know that someone out there is listening and enjoying what we have to say.

Admittedly that isn’t the best business case for increasing your amount of Twitter followers, but it is one of a number of reasons for wanting to attract more people to your feed.

A more pressing reason is that more followers means more exposure and better brand awareness, which in turn can lead to increased sales and revenue.

So to help you to boost your follower count I’ve come up with nine relatively simple tips that will help make you more popular on Twitter.

No single one of these tips will work as a golden bullet for your Twitter strategy – it’s not as easy as that unfortunately.

Instead you need to work at creating an interesting Twitter feed so people will want to follow and interact with you. That’s an ongoing process that takes time and effort, but these tips will at least give you a helping hand in the right direction.

If that doesn’t sounds like your kind of thing, you can always just go and buy a load of fake followers from a dodgy website somewhere, though that won’t really help your business.

Is Twitter changing how content surfaces?

Twitter has been on an announcement binge as of late, and assuming it’s factual, and not just a bunch of PR…it’s all very relevant to marketers. 

As our Social Media Manager Matt Owen has already pointed out we get a lot of traffic (and hence new members) from Twitter, so these changes to search history and mobile search experience are important to us. I did some A/B testing with the old iOS app, and then the new one and came away unimpressed however. Twitter PR, feel free to send someone our way to correct any inaccuracies!