Twitter tips

10 Twitter tips from The Dog Whisperer (kind of)

I love watching the mighty Cesar Millan go to work on problematic dogs on his show The Dog Whisperer. He really understands how to get the best out of a dog. I need at least a two hour fix of this show on an average weekend.

I was thrilled to discover that Cesar is using Twitter to communicate with his fans. I mean, he’s too busy being the pack leader for me to really believe he has time to tweet, but I was almost giddy with delight after Cesar sent me a direct message once I started following him. It read: “Thanks for the follow! Stay calm and assertive!”

Anyway, I started wondering whether some of Cesar’s advice could be applied to Twitter (and social media more broadly). So, at the risk of making a bunch of bad analogies, here’s 10 tips for Twitter with a nod towards – and a wag of the tail at – the Dog Whisperer.