U.S. Open

Q&A: USTA’s Phil Green on live streaming the U.S. Open

Live streaming major sporting events is a tricky proposition for network television. The internet gives limitless opportunities to show events large and small to fans, but there is a still a lingering fear that putting content online will leech the television audience (and it’s advertising dollars).

For example, CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus recently said that his network isn’t willing to risk the loss of television advertising to put the SuperBowl online. He told Paid Content: “We’re not going to do anything to sacrifice the revenue opportunity of the Super Bowl on TV, such as live streaming.”

But those decisions are not always left up to the networks. The U.S. Open begins today and the U.S. Tennis Association is live streaming every match at USOpen.org this year. I caught up with Phil Green, the USTA’s senior director of advanced media, to talk about the USTA’s approach to events this year and what tennis fans can expect to see coming from Arthur Ashe Stadium.