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10 great examples of responsive design from around the world

Responsive design as a standard feature on a website is growing quickly.

There is no longer much of a debate over whether brands need a mobile site, as consumer demand dictates that sites need to be optimised for small screens.

The choice now is between a dedicated mobile site, an app, or responsive design. 

So to show how responsive design can be applied in practice, here are 10 examples from around the world…

Why search and email are still more important than social

When it comes to digital marketing channels, social media seems to capture more of the spotlight than search and email.

Yes, less is spent on social, but social is far more exciting, which explains why marketers love talking and writing about social.

Few dispute the importance of social media today, but a Pew Internet survey conducted in May 2011 and released yesterday is a reminder of why marketers shouldn’t let social become too big a distraction.

iPlayer coming to the US…on an iPad

Is the iPad the future of media and publishing? Media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson think it is. As a result, they’re making big bets on the iPad.

Another big name apparently has a lot of faith in Apple’s tablet device too: the BBC. According to reports, it is planning to launch a version of iPlayer in the United States, and has chosen to roll it out on the iPad.

Will a Startup Visa lure entrepreneurs to the United States?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new home? Have you always dreamed of living and starting a business in the United States? If so, Uncle Sam wants you.

Yesterday, two U.S. senators introduced a bill that would offer visas to entrepreneurs who start companies in the country. According to the announcement, “The StartUp Visa Act of 2010 will allow an immigrant entrepreneur to
receive a two year visa if he or she can show that a qualified U.S. investor is
willing to dedicate a significant sum – a minimum of $250,000 – to the
immigrant’s startup venture.”