Six examples of interesting content from ‘boring’ businesses

It’s easy enough to create amazing content if you’re ASOS or Red Bull or LEGO. But what if you’re a dentist or a funeral provider or you sell Hoover spare parts for a living?

In the world of content marketing, ‘boring content’ seems almost to have become a genre in its own right.

It tends to stand for content from B2B organisations facing those classic considered-purchase challenges: sales lead-times that can run into years, forbidding levels of compliance and stakeholder review, and products/services that can be dauntingly complex or just too mundane to inspire content that could ever be considered compelling or engaging.
And yet I can’t help feeling that, what with all their breathless talk of Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Amex, LEGO and the like, content marketers are in danger of giving the less glamorous businesses among us a bit of a complex, and for no good reason.