Irony 2.0: controversial online reputation startup caught astroturfing

Last week, I wrote about Unvarnished, the ‘Yelp for people‘ startup
that has sparked a decent amount of controversy since publicly launching a private beta. In my post on the
company, I echoed the sentiments of a good number of fellow bloggers
and suggested that Unvarnished “may be 2010’s worst startup.

Unvarnished’s co-founder, Peter Kazanjy, left a comment on my post,
which was shortly thereafter followed by an interesting comment from a
fellow going by the name of “Mike.”

Unvarnished: Yelp for people may be 2010’s worst startup

Online reputation management is an increasingly important subject for
businesses. And for good reason: consumers are on the internet, and
they’re talking about the businesses they interact with. From reviews
posted on sites like Amazon to dedicated customer review hubs like
Yelp, there is no shortage of online places for consumers to express
their opinions about businesses (and their products and services).

But what about individuals? While some have tried to bring the reviews
to an individual level, there’s really no Yelp for people. A new
startup that is receiving some attention and sparking some controversy
hopes to change that.