usability strategy

What can e-commerce learn from supermarket psychology?

It’s well
known that when we go to a supermarket we are being influenced in our decisions
at all times. The store layout is
structured to maximise profit and the way a customer moves, stops, sees, smells
and thinks are not left to chance.

Giving optimal positions to products with
the highest profit margins, grouping complimentary products together to
persuade users to buy more and even pumping the canned smell of baking bread 24
hours a day through the entire store are just a few of the well tested tactics
employed by the supermarkets to maximise the value of each and every shopper.

How did the
supermarkets get to this point? One word: data. Many ideas about shopping
habits have been generated over the years but the theories that are in use now
are the ones that were tested, analysed, refined, tested again and then