Why marketers need to be not just helpful, but useful

The idea of being helpful, of providing content and resources to prospective and current customers that may not have anything to do with your organization, is a new and radical concept for many marketers.

“You mean you want me to publish content that doesn’t sell my product?” The idea is simple: give people want they want and eventually they consider you a trusted resource.

But is being helpful enough? Is helpfulness really useful? Or are marketers spinning their wheels creating content that, even though it’s helpful, no one really wants?

Although being helpful is something marketers should strive towards as a way to foster engagement, useful should be the end-goal: giving people content they need to solve their problems, when they need it, and in the specific format they want.

20+ fantastic apps our Twitter followers love

Creating a successful app is an incredibly difficult task, whichever platform you are using.

For every super-viral Candy Crush there’s a thousand zero download zombie apps littering the floor of the app store. 

So what makes a great app? I recently took to Twitter (via an app naturally) to find out what busy digital people loved about apps…