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Start Me Up! A profile of mobile analytics tool Appsee

Apps are an important part of many multichannel marketing strategies, whether it be for a big retailer, a travel company or a not-for-profit.

Although users are more and more accustomed to smartphones and tablets, that brings with it hundreds of hours of learning that shouldn’t be contradicted. Designing an app that just works is a difficult task and aside from determining the way to platform your app, perfecting the user experience (UX) is the next priority.

There are many UX companies out there. Appsee is a new player in the market, providing software to put an app through its paces. They’re the latest company to feature in this, our Start Me Up feature.

Social media and brands in Australia [infographic]

Australians love social media – that much is clear – but if you’ve ever wondered what sites have the highest membership per state or why consumers follow certain brands on Twitter and Facebook over others, then this infographic is for you. 

Developed by Marketing magazine and Transmission Design, the infographic looks at the way consumers use social media and what they want from brands. It uses figures from Nielsen’s ‘Australian Online Consumer Report’ and the results show some interesting stats for how retailers should be using their social media. 

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67 questions usability testing can answer

From experience, usability testing is THE most enlightening and powerful activity that brands can carry out to answer an extensive range of questions which can be crucial to how their website performs.

As well as providing genuine evidence of what people are doing on websites, usability testing provides compelling insights as to WHY people are doing what they are doing. OK, stay with me on this, I know I’m not enlightening anyone so far with this statement…

The problem (or opportunity) is the term usability testing, or user testing, whichever you prefer to use. Testing is much more than just testing the ‘usability’ of a website, much more than just testing how affective a website is in achieving its goals.