Display retargeting tags are present on more than half of top websites

Display retargeting tags are present on 52% of the top 2,000 UK websites and 48% of the top US websites. 

This statistic comes from the first edition of Econsultancy’s Display Retargeting Buyer’s Guide which has just been published.

The guide highlights the latest trends in an industry driven by great conversion results, but sometimes marred by consumer negativity and held back by changing cookie policies.

Where there are empowered merchants, there are satisfied shoppers

The notion of prioritizing the vendor makes many ecommerce marketers cringe.

How can you prioritize your merchants, provide them with benefits and opportunities to be successful while making sure your shoppers don’t desert you for the attention of another company?

But, customer service innovation has begun to see important and measurable results in flipping the customer-centric model on its head to not only win over more customers, but delight and engage the ones you have today. 


New attribution report helps marketers identify the right supplier

The second edition of Econsultancy’s Marketing Attribution Management Buyer’s Guide has just been published, highlighting the latest trends in an area which is proving its worth in an increasingly multichannel and data-driven world.

The buyer’s guide includes profiles of 23 vendors of attribution technology and services, from those with a heritage in web analytics, paid search, tag management and ad serving, to agencies and consultancies offering attribution modelling for their clients.

Brand warfare at ad:tech, but which vendors stood out?

Last week, ad:tech, “The Event for Digital Marketing” stormed its
multinational show into New York City’s Jacob Javits Center.

At some events, ad technology vendors can rely on marketers
to study their wares, because they are necessary for one aspect or another of contemporary

However, ad:tech is crowded with competing demands for attention.
Digital service vendors are in the curiously recursive position of having to market
themselves to digital marketers, in person.

What stood out? Why?

The Village Voice’s Reddit blow-up: do you know what your social media “experts” are doing?

Earlier this year, American retailer J.C. Penney learned the hard way: it pays to know what your SEO is doing.

As it turned out, the company’s outside SEO vendor was up to no good, allegedly engaging in a paid link scheme. The outcome: a PR black eye, and a Google penalty. J.C. Penney’s pain provided a lesson to all companies using outside vendors for SEO: just because someone else is doing the work doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know what they’re doing.

Q&A: James Gurd on running a successful e-commerce ITT

How to Run a Successful E-commerce ITTE-commerce consultant James Gurd is the author of Econsultancy’s new report entitled How to Run a Successful E-commerce ITT which is aimed at e-commerce managers. The report, which will also interest vendors and agencies, goes into great detail about the whole Invitation to Tender process. Here, he answers some questions about the report and what drove him to write it.