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How optimising video for search can double Google traffic

A new report into the use of online video has found that sites could more than double their Google traffic by including a video thumbnail in search rankings.

The two case studies included in Visibility IQ’s Social Video Report add weight to the argument that brands need to optimise their rich snippets for search, as it gives them a valuable advantage in attracting clicks.

We’ve already blogged 10 ways of optimising videos for search and looked at how video marketing powers SEO.

Here is a summary of the two case studies as well as details taken from our Online Video Best Practice Guide on how to optimise video content for search…

10 ways to optimise your video for search

With 60 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s not easy to make your video content stand out from the crowd.

But there are steps you can take to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of showing up in search results, thereby increasing your potential audience.

As our Online Video Best Practice Guide points out, Google is increasingly returning ‘blended’ SERPs which contain video as well as web pages, images, news items and map listings.

It’s actually much easier to get on to page one of Google with a video than for a normal web page. That’s because everyone is competing hard on web page rankings and there are many more web pages out there than there are videos.