Six case studies that prove the power of content marketing

In October 2012 Econsultancy ran a survey which found that 90% of brands felt that content marketing would become more important over the following 12 months.

One year on it is hard to argue against the fact that content marketing is now among the most important trends in digital.

However when we published the Content Marketing Survey Report with Outbrain, just 38% of respondents had a defined strategy in place.

That is likely to have changed by now, however just to add more weight to the argument in favour of this discipline I have rounded up six case studies from various brands that have seen real results from content marketing.

How Virgin used big data to inform its new content strategy

Richard Branson’s Virgin empire incorporates a broad range of brands and companies that take in travel, TV, music and spaceships.

All these disparate businesses have their own websites, but the overall corporation is represented by

This site has undergone a huge transformation in the past 10 years, morphing from a simple web portal into a content-rich site that aims to epitomise the Virgin brand experience.

At Econsultancy’s JUMP conference last week, which formed part of the Festival of Marketing, Virgin’s Bob Fear described how the site was redesigned by the content team working hand-in-hand with data scientists.

Fear’s team consists of journalists and writers, so the thought of working with big data appeared somewhat confounding at first.