Voice of Customer

Start Me Up! A profile of in-store customer feedback specialist TRUSTist

TRUSTist is a startup which enables its clients to gather real-time in-store feedback on tablets so they can gauge customer satisfaction while also improving their search visibility.

The company provides a neat solution for multichannel retailers in a world where the voice of the customer is becoming more important than ever.

We caught up with TRUSTist CEO Nigel Apperley to hear more about the proposition.  

Moments and journeys: how to use the voice of the customer in a multichannel world

Consumer behaviour is changing more rapidly than ever. Claims of desktops gathering dust and email on the way out may be over-stated but we are certainly living in a mobile enabled world of instant gratification.

It is no surprise that this is having a fundamental impact on how consumers and brands interact. Many brands have embraced live chat in recognition of a consumer appetite for instant messaging.

And we moved away some time ago from talking about online as one entity or one customer channel to talking about multiple digital touch points in recognition of the increasing fragmentation of customer facing channels and the rise of mobile.

The challenge facing brands now is how to understand this new omnichannel consumer, the type of consumer who flits from one channel to another and who in fact does not think about a ‘website’ or an ‘app’ anymore but is so comfortable with it all, that to them, it’s just ‘shopping’.