How the top 10 US retailers use Pinterest

Pinterest is no longer the darling of the social media world, but its relationship with brands has become cosier recently with the launch of its business pages and new updates that enable companies to show product information on their pins.

The power of Pinterest as a tool for driving traffic and sales is an issue we’ve investigated extensively on the blog, as well publishing a Best Practice Guide on the subject.

However some brands remain unconvinced and either don’t have an account on the social network or give their pages limited attention.

So to find out who is yet to jump on the bandwagon, here is a look at how the top 10 US retailers use Pinterest…

Walgreens adds customer service tab to Facebook

American pharmacist Walgreens has added an ‘Answers’ tab to its Facebook page, providing social customer service in relation to prescriptions and health queries.

Walgreens says that this is another example of its commitment to innovation in the digital space, and that it provides customers with greater access to pharmacists and other clinical experts.

Walgreens launches new Foursquare and Twitter campaign

Walgreens recently started a new social media campaign with New York-based startup, LocalResponse.

When someone checks into Foursquare and tweets about it, Walgreens tweets some of them back with an offer from Halls that can be redeemed in store if they like them on Facebook.

But is this automated campaign the right approach?