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Are wearables failing? An early 2016 recap

Most people think wearables will be a big deal, but they’re not yet, and there’s the sneaky suspicion that we don’t quite understand their best use cases or ideal UX.

Here’s a roundup of some doom and gloom surrounding wearables in early 2016.

Prepare yourself for lots of pictures of hairy wrists…

What is the realistic future for wearables?

Wearables is a very tricky topic to discuss because hyperbole has skewed the conversation. 

Pronouncements about the future of technology might make agencies seem cool now, but they may end up with egg on their faces in 10 years when the picture is clearer.

What, realistically, is the near future for wearables?

The next 10 years in wearable technology

Any technology can theoretically be wearable right? 

As long as I have enough gaffer tape and a heavy-duty staple gun, I can pretty much fix any device to my body for a decent enough time, before it falls off or I pass out from the pain.

One of the more sarcastic Apple Watch articles you’ll read today

I’m stuck in a mild quandary about whether to bother writing about the Apple Watch or not…

If you care enough about Apple’s entry into the world of wearable technology then you would’ve surely been glued to your MacBook or iPad Mini last night. Poring over the details delivered via keynote speech and already fully sated with every possible specification of the Apple Watch (emphatically no longer referred to as the ‘iWatch’).

Or if you’re everyone else in the world, your reaction is probably more along the lines of this…

Seven big opportunities that wearables offer to marketers

Wearables are widely forecast to follow smartphones as the next major technology trend and there has been a huge amount of hype around products like Google Glass and the Apple Watch.

As the technology is still in its infancy the opportunities for marketers have been limited so far, but as always with disruptive technologies it’s those who take risks and act first that will likely reap the biggest rewards.

What is disruption?

‘Disruptive’ is bandied around in the digital world as much as ‘game-changer’ and therefore it’s a principle that is often watered down and made cliché.

Can Google Glass help retailers?

It’s difficult to believe that the iPad only launched three years ago. Everyone knew a naysayer: ‘Why do I need it? I have a laptop, I have a mobile – the iPad is just a gimmick somewhere in between’.

There’s a heavy sense of deja vu with Google Glass. The naysayers of the world once again unite to knock a device before it has even had time to get off the ground.

Perhaps they will be proved correct or, as with the iPad, the naysayers will eat their words and Google Glass will become the new must have device.

Will Google Glass be good for ecommerce?

Google Glass, if you haven’t heard much about it yet, is a wearable computer that looks like a pair of futuristic sunglasses.

You can use it like your smartphone to get directions, check flight information or any other task that you might ask a computer to do.

While some hail it as being the device of the future, I wonder what the purpose of it is, and whether it is a good new opportunity for ecommerce.