How weather-based bidding can help travel brands increase bookings

The effect of weather on purchasing decisions can be significant, especially in the travel sector, where travel companies see sales for overseas holidays soar when the weather here in the UK is poor.

Reacting to these changes in supply and demand in real time is key to maximising profitability and ensuring visibility in high conversion periods.

Britain flooded, but did advertisers ride the wave to success?

With spring having well and truly sprung and temperatures reaching a balmy 20 degrees this weekend, it’s hard to remember that this winter it rained for almost three solid months.

But we were quickly reminded during our annual review of travel search data, when we spotted a huge leap in CPC and impression figures over January and February 2014. 

It’s not unusual to see an uplift in impressions and CPCs at the start of the year as the British public looks to escape the freezing winter but such a significant leap was certainly worth a second look.


10 actual uses of big data

First off, what is it?

Well don’t let anyone tell you it’s down to sample size, or about measuring everything. It’s about combining datasets (sometimes ‘dirty’ ones), contrasting them in different ways, and doing it as quick as possible.

Sometimes this necessitates great computing power, but not always. You can read more about such technology as Hadoop and GreenPlum in this nice little article).

Datasets are multiplying as we measure lots more than we used to. This means our thinking has to broaden – no longer is ‘what can we do with our database of email addresses?’ the question, rather ‘what data can we look at to give us the best idea possible of a customer’s stage in the buying cycle and what they’ll be receptive to next?’

The definition of big data isn’t really important and one can get hung up on it. Much better to look at ‘new’ uses of data.

So, here’s some examples of new and possibly ‘big’ data use both online and off.

Four often overlooked factors in PPC advertising

Yorkshire in March 2013 When planning and optimising PPC advertising, it’s important to look at how external factors can effect its success. 

In this post I’ll look at some oft-overlooked factors which can affect the success of your PPC campaigns.

How to let the weather control your AdWords campaign

Google AdWords managers can now make use of a unique platform that will control when your adverts are displayed depending on the weather.

WeatherFIT is a cloud-based piece of software that delivers AdWords adverts based on real-time localised climatic conditions.

The PPC tool retrofits to existing AdWords accounts and uses real-time data from the Met Office to control which adverts are shown based on the weather.

Adverts will only show if they meet the weather criteria you set.

How online marketers can adapt to the weather

The weather in 2010 made front-page news across much of the planet. Washington’s storms caused power outages, NYC endured insufferable heat, and the UK was brought to its knees by snow.

With retailers reflecting on their 2010 performance, the effect of the weather on online sales and how marketers can respond is worthy of investigation.