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How will privacy by design principles impact web development & UX?

One of the many significant changes being introduced by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the requirement to adopt principles of privacy by design (PbD) when creating or revising processes or technology.

Given that websites are regularly being redesigned and developed, often by out-sourced agencies, it is quite likely that when the requirements become law, web development projects will be the biggest, most immediate category of impacted software development activities.

A day in the life of a… Developer

Syd Lawrence is a developer. He is also a business owner at We Make Awesome Sh, and a Twilio evangelist. But mainly he’s a developer, and he has agreed to reveal all about a typical working day.

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Ultimate guide to Google+ Sign-In: more than authentication

With social media authentication a common sight across the web, Google takes it one step further with their latest Google+ Sign-In. 

With many questioning the worth of Google+ as a social media channel, there needed to be a change in their marketing model to give brands and publishers a reason to invest time into the platform. So, bright and early on the morning of February 26th, Google introduced Google+ Sign-In to the web community.

Now it is possible for users to sign into a website via Google and bring along their information from the Google+ social graph for an “upgraded experience”; something Facebook and Twitter have been doing for a long time.

Tag management: whose side are you on?

Tag management is rapidly becoming one of the must-haves for site owners. The ability to manage the ever-growing number of measurement and marketing tags on a website offers huge benefits to webmasters and web marketers alike.

However, there are two fundamentally different approaches to tag management and anyone looking to adopt the technology should be aware of the benefits and limitations of each.

64 tips to make sure that your website delivers business value

With the economy in a seemingly perpetual crisis, businesses are under ever more pressure from their finance and managing directors to ensure all business tools and investments are delivering the desired results.

This includes websites ranging from simple brochure websites to marketing campaign websites to multi-channel international e-commerce solutions with integrated supply chains.

Five tips for building a web application more cost-effectively

From the small business looking to improve its business processes to multinational corporations that need to manage important data and transactions, a growing number of companies are building their own web applications.

The benefits are countless, but so too are the potential risks and costs. Software development, after all, is a tricky business, and for companies that aren’t in the business of developing software, building a web application can be very difficult.