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Eight genuinely useful tools for domain name generation

Thinking of a name for your new website is difficult, and the longer you leave it the harder it gets.

Here’s the situation I’m in… Me, my wife and few of our friends have decided to pool together our various digital skills and resources to start a new film and music website in our spare time.

We know what the content will be (stupid, rambling), we know roughly what our strategy is (hit and hope) and we know what our goals are (free beer).

How to prepare for unexpected website outages

many companies, the web has become a cornerstone, if not the heart, of their
business. So what would happen if your site went down for a significant length
of time? Or even for just a few minutes?

For a company with a static page it
may not mean much, but for an online retailer trading in the run up to
or a bookie on the day of the Grand National, the effects on the
bottom line could be catastrophic.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?