web personalisation

How to build a digital relationship that lasts

Making new friends and building new relationships when you are an adult is not easy. Anyone who has ever moved house, city or job can testify to this. There are reams of advice columns in magazines about how to do it.

Even the New York Times covered the topic in an article it published this summer. One interviewee stated she had a friend for every segment of her life.

Your website can use this basic principle to make new friends and keep them too. Designing, personalising and segmenting the content on your site for each user allows you to build a relationship with them that will last. 

Busting the myths about web personalisation: what you really need to know

Web personalisation is a fast-growing area that has long-been used by some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world. Sceptics bemoan that we are increasingly stuck in giant filter bubbles.

But supporters, industry experts and a growing number of businesses see how it can revolutionise their online relationships and put the customer experience at the heart of what they do.