web psychology

The (completely subjective) digital psychology top ten countdown

Digital Psychology is a relatively new discipline that combines theory from the worlds of behavioural economics, psychology and digital marketing to create digital communications that are compelling and persuasive to our unconscious minds. 

The great thing about combining social science theory with contemporary digital best practise is that marketers are able to hypothesise and test assumptions on a statistically significant number of subjects (customers) in a relatively short period of time.  

Also, through the medium of A/B and multivariate testing, put the lessons learnt into practise almost immediately.

This means that there should be some excellent proven examples of digital psychology out there on the web, and I’ve taken the opportunity to rank what I think are the top performers.

From small companies, to international giants, all those listed are employing some pretty clever tricks from the digital psychology toolkit.

Is your company one of them?