web spam

Google issues a penalty to itself

Google doesn’t like paid links, sponsored posts and low-quality content. 

So it was quite surprising, and embarrassing, to learn this week that Google was associated with all three in an apparent effort to promote its web browser, Chrome.

That left Google with little ability but to respond and explain itself. And yesterday it did just that.

Google: our search results sucked in 2000

Have you started questioning the quality of Google’s search results?
You’ve probably noticed that a lot of people have been lately.

Before you start asking too many questions, however, Google’s Matt Cutts
wants you to take into consideration a fact you may not know: Google
really wasn’t all that good in 2000.

Google, Demand Media and the value of content

As consumers, techies and the media trade some of their infatuation with
Google for the latest crop of super-hot web upstarts like Facebook, the
world’s most dominant search engine is finding that more and more
people are pointing out its flaws.

The quality of Google’s SERPs have increasingly come under question,
with some complaining that Google isn’t doing enough to weed out web
spam and low-quality content that ranks well but doesn’t offer consumers
much value. I am one of those who have been highly critical of Google’s
capabilities in these areas.

Is Google stepping up its anti-web spam efforts?

Google may be the dominant search engine in much of the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. To the contrary: there are plenty of examples which indicate that Google struggles to detect even the most unsophisticated web spam, and as a result is driving its users to sites that they’d probably rather not go.

Increasingly, Google’s flaws in this area are attracting attention. While it’s not yet clear if the attention is a reflection of the fact that consumers are finding that Google’s results aren’t meeting expectations or an indication that Google’s glow has simply worn off, it is clear that Google has a lot to lose if it doesn’t pay attention to web spam.