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Five reasons marketers should code (and how to start)

It’s no use letting your ignorance, laziness, or even shame, stand in the way of learning to code. I possessed all three in abundance, until this week I took myself along to a Coding for Digital Professionals course (shock horror, it’s run by Econsultancy in London).

The stuff I learned, and the geocities-eat-your-heart-out website I created, got me thinking about all the points in a marketer’s life where coding knowledge comes in handy.

In this post I’ll reveal more about what I got up to during my first foray into ‘the matrix’, and I’ll list five reasons marketers must have some rudimentary knowledge off HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I’ll start with some simple tech info, but read on if you want to see the website I built.

The BBC crashes the HTML5 party

Flash is dead. Before long, HTML5 will take its place. That is, for a
growing number of developers and companies, the common wisdom.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone is convinced that HTML5 is anywhere
near ready to take center stage. One of the skeptics: the BBC’s Director
of Future Media & Technology, Erik Huggers.